“We’re delighted with both the design and the construction quality of our master bathroom. Mary was especially helpful in providing a nice variety of material and color options, educating us on the benefits of each, and then helping us wade through them to final selection. Excellent subcontractors who are indeed craftsmen in their specialties…plumbing, tiling, flooring and woodwork. We love to walk into our bathroom every morning now!”

Christel & Mike Hall


"I have worked with Mary each year over the last three years, on a slow but major design reno. I have had a wet bar removed, gas lines rerouted, a complete fireplace reno, cabinets custom made and installed, countertops installed, foundation poured and flooring installed, all doors and sliders replaced, the entire interior of the house painted,  and outdoor concrete work done.

My experience with Mary has been excellent over this entire period. She excels at interior design. She works with the existing elements of a home that can't be changed, and works in design elements that suit both the style of the home, and the taste of the homeowner. She turned our very 70's fireplace into a beautiful focal point, complete with structural changes, a new mantel, new doors, a travertine tile  surround, and faux painting. Wow.

She also tries to avoid design that is so trendy that it is destined to become dated in a year or two. I really appreciate this, as you end up with a home that is really livable, and will remain so for many years. This lends real long-term value to your expenditure.

Mary is a contractor herself, but oversees a team of contractors, plumbers, etc. so that the work is done by truly skilled professionals, and when Mary and crew are done, you are left with a home that has been coherently improved. Your home will display an overall, room -to-room cohesion that leaves you with a very harmonious relaxed atmosphere.

I have hired her for 3 years in a row, and I highly recommend her to others."

Carolyn Virgulak




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